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Tennessee Lottery

To increase instant game sales, we created a strategy promoting the opportunity to have some inexpensive “Fun In An Instant.” My team developed the “Fun In An Instant” jingle and treatment as an umbrella signature for instant games across radio, tv, print and point-of-sale elements. In the “Visual Games” campaign, our team developed visual plays on the game’s names, and were able to bring the games to life in memorable 30 second tv spots on a tight budget. ---In a week over week comparison, the Visual Games campaign Increased instant game sales by 26% with some game sales up as much as 50% in comparison to sales prior to the campaign running. Instant game sales also contributed to the total raised for scholarships and educational programs by the end of 2006: more than $750 million.--- In addition to instant games, I was instrumental in the launch campaign of the Tennessee Lottery including the online games Powerball, Cash 3, and Cash 4. The lottery launched in 3500 convenience stores and other retailers in the first year and has since grown to over 6000 across Tennessee.

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